Creators of cutting edge imagery for more than a decade, Waterproof Studios is a proud member of Liquid’s gaming division. Specializing in computer-generated production, Waterproof is a full-service operation, providing VFX and animation for the gaming industry, traditional film and TV studios, distributors, broadcasters and other streaming service providers.

Our collaborative efforts allow innovative content creation across platforms and industries.



Creative Development and Pre-Production
Launch, Teaser, Game Capture Trailers – Pre-Rendered and In-Engine
Cut-Scenes and Cinematics
Body and Facial Performance Capture
Motion Capture and Key-frame Animation
Asset Creation
Lighting, Effects, Rendering and Compositing
Motion Design and Post Production Services
Audio composition, Mix and SFX
Feature a wide range of Console Engine Support
Creation of Marketing and Print Materials


Creative Development and Pre-Production
Look Development
Short Film Production
Pipeline & Tools Development
Feature Film, Episodic Television, DVD/VOD Development
Development and Production
Commercial Marketing Campaign Content Creation


Creative Development and Pre-ProductionLook DevelopmentOn-set VFX Supervision
Creature Design and Animation
CG Environments and Set Extensions
Lighting, FX, Compositing and Post-Production