Liquid Media Group Ltd (Nasdaq: YVR) is a studio for all platforms originating in Vancouver’s Media and Entertainment Supercluster. Liquid’s mission is to empower storytellers worldwide to develop, produce, and distribute great stories to audiences worldwide.

Company Financials

Empowering the next generation of storytelling
A vertically integrated studio for the streaming age
Enfranchising creatives from the ground up

Investment Highlights

  • The only Canadian entertainment studio listed on Nasdaq
  • Acquired streaming platform Reelhouse, featuring SVOD channels on a subscription model
  • Signed agreement with A+E Networks to become official operator of Ancient Aliens: The Game on mobile and PC
  • Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio of 130+ games incl. existing sales and publishing rights
  • New games in development include titles for Nintendo Switch, PC and Mobile
  • Over 17 titles available for purchase on Steam
  • Plans to leverage Owned IP into full media franchises
  • Romans from Mars: 360 in development for VR, in partnership with YDX Innovation Corp.
  • Management team with 75+ years of combined experience across media, entertainment and finance
Press Releases
30 Jul 2020
Liquid Media to Add More Virtual Reality Content to Streaming Platform in Partnership with YDX Innovation

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, July 30, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Liquid Media Group Ltd. (the “Company”, “Liquid Media” or “Liquid”) (Nasdaq: YVR) is pleased to announce an extension of its partnership with YDX Innovation Corp. (“YDX”) to provide virtual reality (VR) content for Liquid’s Reelhouse streaming platform.

28 Jul 2020
Liquid Media Grows SVOD Library as Consumers Seek More Streaming Content

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, July 28, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Liquid Media Group Ltd. (the “Company”, “Liquid Media” or “Liquid”) (Nasdaq: YVR) is pleased to announce the ongoing addition of content to Slipstream, the Company’s Subscription Video on Demand (“SVOD”) service focusing on adventure and action sports stories.  This latest growth to the Slipstream content library comes following a recent report from Statista that the estimated number of paid SVOD users worldwide is expected to reach 949-million by the end of 2020.

22 Jul 2020
Liquid Media Partners with Creators of Hootsuite to Advance Company’s Streaming Platform

Liquid Media Group Ltd. (the “Company”, “Liquid Media” or “Liquid”) (Nasdaq: YVR) is pleased to announce the engagement of two renowned digital agencies, Invoke and Arkitek/Creative, to drive the transformation of its streaming platform. These firms have built their reputations serving the who’s who of the entertainment world. Notably, Invoke created Hootsuite, the industry-changing social media management platform, which is now used by over 800 Fortune 1000 companies, has a current user base upwards of 15 million and an estimated valuation of USD$1-billion.

As one of Canada’s leading developers of digital products, Invoke has also made quantum computing accessible for industry pioneer D-Wave and empowered fans of NBC’s hit show The Voice through social gaming.

4 Jun 2020
Liquid Media Announces USD$4.0 Million Registered Direct Offering

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, June 04, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Liquid Media Group Ltd. (the “Company”, “Liquid Media” or “Liquid”) (Nasdaq: YVR), today announced that it has entered into definitive agreements with several institutional and accredited investors for the issuance and sale of an aggregate of 2,666,668 of its common shares, at a purchase price of USD$1.50 per share, in a registered direct offering.

The gross proceeds from the offering are expected to be approximately USD$4.0 million.