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14 Jul 2019
In Boom Times for Vancouver Film Industry Players Bet on Bigger Boost from Video Streaming

In the middle of a booming B.C. film and TV sector, industry veteran Joshua Jackson is betting that Hollywood North’s star will continue to rise with the convergence of video streaming and higher-powered wireless networks.

RE-PUBLISHED IN: Canoe  The Ottawa Sun  The Calgary Sun  The Winnipeg Sun
25 Apr 2019
LMG Chairman Joshua Jackson Talks to Vancouver's Entertainment Market on Global News Morning TV

Actor/Producer Joshua Jackson talks about Vancouver’s entertainment market

24 Apr 2019
Outlier Podcast: Episode 425 - Joshua Jackson I Liquid Media Chairman

Joshua Jackson is the Chairman of Liquid Media Group (NASDAQ: YVR). Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Liquid is an entertainment company with a strong portfolio of content IP across creative industries, from video games to film and digital streaming services. Liquid is building the leading community for creative professionals, empowering storytellers to develop, produce, and distribute across channels and platforms.