Originating in Vancouver’s Media and Entertainment Supercluster, Liquid Media Group Ltd (Nasdaq: YVR) is an entertainment company spanning creative industries.


Empowering storytellers worldwide to develop, produce, and distribute across channels and platforms.


The time is now.


Vancouver’s supercluster of talent and capabilities has set the stage for innovative companies to shape the next generation of storytelling.


Story is at the heart of everything we do.

Liquid Team
Joshua Jackson

Joshua is an actor, producer and director with over 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry. He has starred in over 30 films and headlined in over 200 hours in acclaimed TV series such as Fringe, Dawson’s Creek and The Affair, as well as performed both on Broadway and the West End.

Daniel Cruz
CFO, Managing Director

Daniel became one of the youngest Senior Investment Advisors at Canaccord Financial Inc. in 2006. Now he combines his expertise in securities and capital markets with this passion for the entertainment industry.

Charlie Brezer

An entrepreneur with over 15 years of management and leadership experience, Charlie’s aggressive, hands-on and forward-thinking approach is integral to Liquid’s continued success.

Stephen Jackson
Independent Director

Stephen acts as corporate counsel for Northland Properties. He advises Liquid on a wide range of corporate, real estate, labour and commercial matters. He brings experience as a director of a number of public companies in Canada and the USA.

Nancy Basi
Board Member

Nancy brings 25+ years of experience across film, TV, gaming, VFX, animation and VR to Liquid, including a 360° perspective on all aspects of production and studio operations.

Wilson J. Tang

Wilson J. Tang is an artist, designer, and entrepreneur who has been working at the forefront of art and technology in film and video games for 20+ years.

Andrew Kaplan

Andrew brings over three decades of experience as a capital markets strategist for both public and private companies, sourcing $250M+ over the course of his career.

Michael Timothy Doyle

Mike is both a Producer and Production Executive in the video game industry with over 15 years experience. Formerly the Head of 20th Century Fox Interactive, he has held production roles on over 25 titles which include such notable franchises as Warhammer 40K,Company of Heroes, Need for Speed, UFC, Family Guy and Alien: Isolation.

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